Building An Online Resume With Jekyll & pdfmake

One day it dawned on me, I am a web developer but I was still manually maintaining my resume in a Word document. This was not ideal because it was difficult to keep versions and did little to show off any of my relevant skills in web development. To solve this problem I decided to build an online version of my resume which I could use to show prospective employers that I can, in fact, build things on the Internet.

Authentication with Devise & Turbolinks for iOS

I previously published this article with the first version of how I got Devise 4.2 working with Turbolinks 5 through an iOS application. The issue with that implementation was that, since Turbolinks for iOS manages a single shared web view, the authentication page shared the same web view in the iOS app with the rest of the pages. This resulted in some weird navigation behaviors and required altogether too much JavaScript in the Rails side of my app to handle cases like errors on login.

How I Built This Site

Once upon a time, I decided to start a blog. I’ve tried this several times in the past but the project always seems to die when it comes to figuring out what technology to use or how to host it.